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These days there are hundreds, if not thousands of “Web 2.0” or “Web 3.0” online learning tools.  In my position, I review and explore many of these tools as part of my quest to provide guidance, resources, and LEADERSHIP to the organization. One of these “tools” or services is The Khan Academy founded by Sal Khan.

Khan was on last Sunday’s CBS News 60 minutes program. The Khan Academy also offers iOS applications (i.e. an iPad/iPhone/iPod app). In a previous leadership role, I helped institute a 2nd grade pilot program whereby 2nd grade teachers would use Chromebooks and the Khan Academy to supplement and support the 2nd grade mathematics curriculum.

In addition, I have had the good fortune of hearing Khan in person at a national conference two years ago. I have also used the Khan Academy with my own children to reinforce math concepts learned in school. To say I support using videos from the Khan Academy to support mathematics learning is an understatement – I am a huge supporter of using ALL tools and supports to meet the learning needs of ALL students.

The Khan Academy is expanding from mathematics to other areas of science, economics and finance, humanities, and computer programming. The FREE online services are quite impressive, an example of a Khan Academy video on ways to represent multiplication is shown below: (This is a 3 minute video, most videos are around 10 minutes)


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  1. Thank you for this blog sir, your effort is very much appreciated. Khan Academy is used by some schools to support their curriculum as you mentioned and I heard all good things about that.
    Thanks again for all the information that you provide.

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