John Hattie’s 8 Mindframes for Teachers

“By word and/or personal example, leaders markedly influence the behaviors, thoughts, and/or feelings of their fellow human beings. All leadership takes place through the communication of ideas to the minds of others.”
Howard Gardner

The major findings - distilling from millions of studies on what works.
The major findings – distilling from millions of studies on what works.

Currently the greatest source of what works in education, effects of impact on teaching and learning, comes from the extensive research and publishing of John Hattie. Hattie is Professor and Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute of Melbourne, Australia and his extensive work shares a great deal of research based information and guidance about how we can impact student learning in meaningful and impactful ways. From his book Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning he shares Eight Mind Frames (listed below and depicted in the video clip):

Mind Frame 1. Teachers/leaders believe that their fundamental task is to evaluate the effect of their teaching on students’ learning and achievement.

2. Teachers/leaders believe that success and failure in student learning are about what they, as teachers or leaders, did or did not do…We are change agents!

3. Teachers/leaders want to talk more about the learning than the teaching.

4. Teachers/leaders see assessment as feedback about their impact.

5. Teachers/leaders engage in dialogue not monologue.

6. Teachers/leaders enjoy the challenge and never retreat to “doing their best”.

7. Teachers/leaders believe that it is their role to develop positive relationships in classroom/staffrooms.

Mind Frame 8. Teachers/leaders inform all about the language of learning.

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