Article about Voxer in AASA Journal

“When you’re a leader, you don’t have a ton of people that work for you– you now work for those people.”
– Todd Bentley

Lately I have discovered a passion for writing! I have published several articles and books. My second book: Student Voice: From Invisible to Invaluable, ISBN 9781475840025, will be released in January 2018 (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers).

Like the quote above, I work for those I serve – I write for those I serve. The story of the success of the Deerfield Public Schools District 109 (main content for many of my writings) is written for the thousands of students, teachers, support staff, board, administrators, parents, and community members whom I serve.

Another passion of mine is using social media tools for leadership, communication, and progress. To that end, I have published an article in the latest School Administrator Magazine about the social media tool Voxer – see the images below (each is linked to the article/journal). 

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Instructional Leadership from an Instructional Coach

One of the talented and amazing DPS109 iCoaches, Sue Ferdon, recently released a short, daily blog: Tech Tips and Tricks.

While Sue’s purpose is to support the growth and development of the teachers at her beloved South Park, I’m so proud of her leadership and her work that I want to share her tips with anyone and everyone who is preparing for the beginning of the school year.

Sue’s daily blog posts are intended to support an eager, excited, and justifiably nervous faculty in the transformation from “regular instruction” to 1:1 learning environments with modern instructional practices.

Please read her tips, please share them with others, and please join me in thanking Sue (and all of the iCoaches and principals) for beginning our awesome school year with “chunks” of expertise in support of our motto: Engage, Inspire, Empower!

If you also have tips and tricks, and links – please share in the comments!!